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Asset Tracking

Keep tabs on your powered and non-powered assets at all times

Locate and Monitor Your Assets At All Times

Our telematics solutions will take your business integration to the next level. These platforms will help you to track your IFTA, real-time DTC Codes, real-time location reporting, geofencing with entry and exit alerts, vehicle ignition reports, specified vehicle use, and more. Our technology and software can help you streamline the logistics of your business. 

Pricing Options

We offer the following pricing options for Vehicle Tracking and Diagnostics hardware and for monthly subscription costs per driver and individual hardware. 

Starting at:


Per Device


Starting at:


Per Vehicle


Bundle & Save

If you are looking to purchase ELD hardware and services, consider bundling them with our Vehicle Tracking and Diagnostics solution and save money doing it! We offer a $10 a month discount on your monthly tracking subscription when you purchase both solutions. 

 ELD &

Starting at


Per Device Set


Starting at


Per Vehicle


Starting at


Per Driver

Product Features

Our Asset Tracking solution will optimize your business in many ways. Our solutions can be applied to a diverse customer base, including passenger carriers, municipalities, intrastate, interstate, over-the-road haulers, government-owned, privately owned, etc. Our electronic logging devices, asset tracking, cameras, and enterprise solutions will change the way your company does business. You will save time, money, and have a fine-grained resolution of the diagnostics, hours of use, and location of your powered and/or non-powered assets.

Features Icons_IFTA_edited.png


Automated reports with the exact mileage information you need in the U.S. and Canada when filing fuel taxes.

Features Icons_Entry and Exit Alerts With Geofencing_edited.png

Entry &
Exit Alerts

Know exactly when your drivers or vehicles enter or exit a specific area by creating zones and corresponding alerts or reports

Features Icons_Fuel Consumption_edited.png


Keep track of the amount of fuel used by each asset including specific usage when driving or when idling.

Features Icons_Scheduled Reporting_edited.png


All available reports can be scheduled to be run and sent automatically ensuring regular review by employees.

Features Icons_Real time DTC Codes_edited.png

Realtime DTC

If there is a problem with the vehicle and it is reported through the vehicles ECM, that information will be communicated back to the office in real time to be addressed immediately.

Features Icons_Event Triggered Notifications_edited.png

Ignition Alerts

Reports specific to when the vehicle ignition is turned on and off and will include location and other relevant details of the ignition on/off event including duration.

Features Icons_Shared Route Tracking_edited.png

Route Tracking

Through shared route tracking, individual asset tracking can be shared with 3rd party vendors or customers and automatically be set to expire once delivered.

Features Icons_Custom Reporting_edited.png


We provide both tailored reports and custom reports. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating actionable reports at a dime.

Features Icons_Real time Location_edited.png

Location Reporting

Turn by turn and mile by mile, you can monitor the live location of any vehicle or asset in your fleet at any time.

Features Icons_Vehicle Usage_edited.png

Vehicle Usage

Set specific time frames that the vehicle or asset can be used and will not only provide notifications if used outside that time but can be configured to disable power outside of those working hours

Features Icons_3rd Party Integrationpng_edited.png

3rd Party
Software Integration 

We can provide a seamless integration with your current software solutions to provide the best experience. 

Features Icons_US Based In House Developers_edited.png

U.S. Based

Our knowledgeable support team will work diligently to not only solve any issues that arise, but also train you to prevent future ones.

Industry Use Case Scenarios

Our telematics software, cameras, and enterprise solutions will take your business integration to the next level by streamlining the logistics of your business. You will be able to track your equipment usage and location, remotely monitoring for misuse, during harvest and throughout off-season rentals. Creating allowable working hours will further protect you against potential theft. Additionally, you will be able to anticipate routine schedule maintenance on your powered and non-powered assets through alerts.



While your equipment is on loan to co-ops, track and maintain the diagnostics from your handheld wireless devices.



Track your powered and non-powered assets from project site to project site, while monitoring their diagnostics and scheduled routine maintenance.


Logistics Industry

Coordinate shipments seamlessly with multiple companies using integration systems that offer real time tracking and communication.

Truck_Moonlight_AdobeStock_156442237 (1).jpg

Trucking Industry

Keep your costs low and your shipments safe by tracking retention time, sharing delivery routes, and specific real time data points.



Track the power consumption along power lines or remotely monitor the water levels within your reserves.

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