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Asset Tracking

GPS tracking made easy


Tethered Trailer Tracker


This tethered tracker device not only provides real-time GPS location reports, but also stores and forwards messages to protect against loss of cellular signal. 

More details:

  • Long-lasting 5.3 mAh battery with built-in charging system
  • Water, vibration, and temperature proof
  • Optional wired panic alert
  • Over the air (OTA) programmable

Solar-Powered Trailer Tracker


This solar tracker device can withstand extreme conditions and provides long-lasting power to enable GPS tracking and monitoring with ease and precision.

More details:

  • 30+ day battery life (10.6 Ah) without sun
  • Water, vibration, and temperature proof
  • Easy to mount
  • Over the air (OTA) programable



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per device


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the battery life of your trailer trackers?

Our tethered solution will generally last around 6 months when disconnected from a power source and quickly recharges when reattached to a tractor.

Our solar-powered tracker can last up to 7 days on just 15 minutes of partial to full sunlight. Both solutions are meant to provide location and asset data with or without a tractor or immediate power source available.

How often does the tracker report?

When connected to a tractor or power source, the tethered tracker reports when an event occurs or, at minimum, every 2 minutes. Events include actions such as harsh braking or accelerating, heading changes, speed changes, etc. When the tethered tracker is not connected to a vehicle, it reports location details once every 24 hours to prolong battery life.

The solar-powered tracker reports location details for a 2-minute duration every 15 minutes. When the device is not in motion, it will ping location details every 2 hours to conserve power.

Can I use a trailer tracker to track my reefer trailer?

Yes, the trailer trackers are designed to work with all types of trailers and shipping containers. If you would like to monitor the temperature of your reefer unit, you must utilize the temperature probe add-on for the tethered solution. Find out more about our reefer tracking solutions.

Where does the trailer tracker device attach to the trailer?

We recommend placing solar trailer trackers on the top of the trailer or placed in an area that receives the most sunlight to maximize solar charging, but they can be attached anywhere on the outside of the asset.

Tethered trailers are typically placed on the door next to the wire connections to minimize running wires further than necessary. However, they can be installed anywhere inside or outside of the trailer or equipment.

Does ELD Solutions perform trailer tracker installation?

While we do not perform the installation of our trailer trackers, we do provide detailed instructions and support for easy installation. In some cases, we can refer you to a local resource to install your trailer trackers for you.

Are the trailer trackers durable?

Both the tethered and solar-powered trailer trackers are constructed and sealed to withstand weather, shock and vibration, and extreme temperatures. 

Got Questions?

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