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Our solutions and products improve business across industries

Optimize Your Workflow

Our products and services will transform the way you manage your assets and do business. We have developed solutions that are inspired by experience in the trucking industry. Our telematics, electronic logging, and enterprise solutions can be applied to many industries like agriculture, construction, etc.

The Industries We Serve

Take your business performance to the next level with our products and services. Telematics, tracking, and diagnostics will streamline the logistics of your business whether you work in the field, on a site, on the road, in the water, or for the government. Our solutions will save you time, generate more money, help maintain your equipment, and promote safety. Scroll through to see all the industries that we work with and examples of how our products and services optimize their business.


Keep track of all of your powered and non-powered assets, in and out of the field.


Manage your powered and non-powered assets from project site to project site. 

Field Services

Keep track of all of your powered and non-powered assets from project to project. 

Food and Beverage

Manage the temperature and track the delivery of your food and beverage products.