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Driver Behavior

Keep your vehicles and passengers safe with real time alerts and monitoring of driver behavior including speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, and more

Real time alerts  monitoring your drivers

Driver behavior can be provided in varying formats depending on what is important to each company or safety professional.  Use driver behavior reporting to provide incentives for drivers and provide some friendly competition between drivers.

Product Features

Our Driver Behavior solution will optimize your business in many ways. Our solutions can be applied to a diverse customer base, including passenger carriers, municipalities, intrastate, interstate, over-the-road haulers, government-owned, privately owned, etc. Our electronic logging devices, asset tracking, cameras, and enterprise solutions will change the way your company does business. You will save time, money, and have a fine-grained resolution of the diagnostics, hours of use, and location of your powered and/or non-powered assets.

Driver Rankings
& Points

Through driver behavior reports, create a ranking and point system to allow for driver coaching and incentivization.

3rd Party
Software Integration 

We can provide a seamless integration with your current software solutions to provide the best experience. 

Realtime Event 

Mile by mile, you will receive notifications of vehicle usage and driver behavior in real time.


All available reports can be scheduled to be run and sent automatically ensuring regular review by employees.

Driver Review of
Video Based Events

Share driver based video events with drivers and require written feedback for coaching and compliance


We provide both tailored reports and custom reports. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating actionable reports at a dime.



While your equipment is on loan to co-ops, track and maintain the diagnostics from your handheld wireless devices.



Track your powered and non-powered assets from project site to project site, while monitoring their diagnostics and scheduled routine maintenance.


Logistics Industry

Coordinate shipments seamlessly with multiple companies using integration systems that offer real time tracking and communication.

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Trucking Industry

Keep your costs low and your shipments safe by tracking retention time, sharing delivery routes, and specific real time data points.



Track the power consumption along power lines or remotely monitor the water levels within your reserves.

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