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A fully customizable ELD and asset tracking solution to meet your specific business needs and optimize your workflow.

A Fully Customizable ELD and Asset Tracking Solution 

Our enterprise solution offers customized software and hardware for specific industries. We purchase and set up servers to allow for independent and custom platform logins. In addition to the customizable experience, our enterprise solution will feature a better, faster performance. Your software will be housed on it's own server with better bandwidth and will not be affected by 3rd party updates. 

Product Features

An asset and fleet management tool that can be customized to any industry.  More than just rebranding, functionality and features paired with dedicated servers can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any company.

Features Icons_Dedicated Servers_edited.png


All data flows and is stored through dedicated servers that provide unrivaled security and performance.

Features Icons_Bulk License Pricing_edited.png

Bulk Licensing 

Priced at a significantly reduced cost, bulk license pricing allows for fixed budget friendly pricing and allows for a license variance

Features Icons_White Labeled_edited.png


A full transformation of the existing portals including updating colors, logos, and user interfaces to mirror existing software programs.

Features Icons_Custom Reporting_edited.png


We provide both tailored reports and custom reports. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating actionable reports at a dime.

Features Icons_3rd Party Integrationpng_edited.png

3rd Party
Software Integration 

We can provide a seamless integration with your current software solutions to provide the best experience. 

Features Icons_US Based In House Developers_edited.png

U.S. Based
In-House Developers

A team of engineers and developers based in the United States for quicker response time and more flexible coding options.

Industry Use Case Scenarios

With this fully customizable software based solution, you can create an ecosystem that will unify your aggregated data, whether it be logistics, maintenance, driver behavior, tracking, etc. This will enhance the performance, productivity, and profit of virtually any industry. 


Logistics Industry

Coordinate shipments seamlessly with multiple companies using integration systems that offer real time tracking and communication.

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