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Realtime and Remote Monitoring of Your Powered Assets

Make Maintenance Efficient

Keep track of customized maintenance schedules and have 3rd party vendors such as shops or mechanics involved in the process.  With the maintenance module, you can capture invoices, warranty paperwork, pictures, estimates and more while providing a full scale maintenance workflow and approval process.

Product Features 

Standard preventative maintenance schedules as well as customized intervals available with real time DTC alerts for proactive and reactive monitoring

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Turn by turn and mile by mile, you can monitor the live location of any vehicle or asset in your fleet at any time.

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Work Orders

Time, locations and documentation for work orders assigned to employees in the field.

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We provide both tailored reports and custom reports. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating actionable reports at a dime.

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Seamless integration with your current software solutions to provide the best experience. 

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Parts &
Cost Capture

Get an update from internal or 3rd party shops and mechanics in real time and approve or deny cost estimates.

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Reports can be scheduled to be run and sent automatically ensuring regular review by employees.

Stacked Tires

Industry Use Case Scenarios

Here are examples of how our Vehicle Maintenance solution optimizes businesses in variety of industries, from trucking to law enforcement to field services. 


Logistics Industry

Coordinate shipments seamlessly with multiple companies using integration systems that offer real time tracking and communication.

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